Improving Your Connection To The Divine

October 22, 2016

Even though you may not feel connected you are never alone -- you are always connected to your higher self and spirit guides. You simply may not be receiving their messages. Here's how to tune in.


Discovered Your Creatorship? Manifesting 101

October 11, 2016

Did you know that through the power of your God-self you can create your personal reality with your thoughts, words, and deeds? It's called Manifesting and this article will introduce you to the basics.


Law of Attraction Pearl of Wisdom #9 - Your Beliefs Shape Your Reality

September 28, 2016

This Law of Attraction Pearl of Wisdom explores the critical role that your beliefs play in steering your manifestations. The problem is that they are that they are largely unconscious and often sabotaging your success.


*** TWO HIDDEN SIGNALS that the Universe is Sending YOU ***

If you'd like to dive deeper into mastering the Law of Attraction and take your DREAMS from imagination into REALITY I highly recommend that you watch this FREE video series from bestselling author, Mary Morrissey!!

*** PLAYING the MATRIX and Getting What You Really Want ***

After 15 years of teaching and speaking on the nature of reality and the miraculous mechanics of manifestation, Mike Dooley (the author of Infinite Possibilities) is sharing his system for manifesting and bringing to life all you’ve ever wanted in this comprehensive 6-Week online video course. Mike knows about using the Law of Attraction and he wants you to realize the power you have as a conscious deliberate creator!



Law of Attraction Pearl of Wisdom #2 - Expect the Best

September 18, 2016
Law of Attraction Pearl of Wisdom #2 - Expect the Best

This Law of Attraction pearl of wisdom explores the crucial 2nd part of the manifesting equation - EXPECTATION. Without which all the DESIRE in the world will get you nowhere.


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Law of Attraction Experiment #1 - The Ultimatum

September 13, 2016
I tried this experiment from one of my favorite books on Law of Attraction and got an unambiguous result. I gave the Universe an ultimatum and the Universe delivered! Here's what happened...


The Multidimensional Self

September 11, 2016

You are a multidimensional being of staggering proportions. You are present on many levels of reality simultaneously and more powerful than you have ever imagined. Ready to expand your concept of self-hood to include higher selves, other/parallel selves, and probable selves?


The Demolition and Resurrection of Jeff

September 1, 2016

I was an atheist and a scientific materialist before I was brought to my knees by a 'dark night of the soul'. In the depths of despair something clicked and that's when the magic began...


Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself - Shifting From Fear to Love

August 25, 2016

Fear is running rampant on our world and it is blinding many to the inner guiding voice of their soul and keeping us from creating a better world. We can all transcend our fears by embracing a few higher truths and increasing our awareness of a few important points.


6 Keys to Successfully Making the Shift to the New Earth

July 26, 2016

The shift in the consciousness of humanity has hit the point of no return and a period of great change, and perhaps some turbulence is imminent. Here are six things that can help you make the shift to the New Earth and become a charter member of a wonderful new era of humanity.


Moving Beyond Awakening Shock Syndrome

June 7, 2016

Early in the awakening of many they become hyper-aware of the deceit, manipulation, and control going on in the world and they are appalled and angry. Although awareness is good, a fixation on this is not — here's why and how we can move beyond it.